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A Right Co é uma empresa que actua no ramo da tecnologia. A qualidade, inovação, criatividade e irreverência fazem parte de nós e de tudo o que fazemos.

Applications for EU Funding (P2020)
We make your idea a reality

Along with partners certified for more than 10 years in the market, we support projects whose investments are focused on technological innovation and based on competitive factors. We want to support entrepreneurs who wish to develop creative and challenging projects.

  1. Feasibility Studies
    • Management
    • Technology Agency
    • Digital Economy
    • Intellectual and Industrial Property
  2. Applications Support
  3. Monitoring and Follow Up
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Business Planning
To ensure that Business Plans and Feasibility Studies focus on all aspects of your project, regarding to finance, implementation and management of the project, we apply an effective and innovative multidimensional planning and analysis of your company.
Marketing Planning
Our approach is to work is meant to be as transparent as possible. We ensure our clients the possibility to follow the schedule of projects in real time.
Marketing Research
In order to develop the best strategy for the project, we use our Market Research Studies. These studies are a series of documents with crucial information content for an efficient and effective communication strategy development. Once we are familiar with information about market patterns and trends and the target audience characteristics, we can move on to planning.

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