Right Co – Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Georeferenciação

Right Co – Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Georeferenciação.
A RightCo é uma empresa que atua no ramo da tecnologia. A qualidade, inovação, criatividade e irreverência fazem parte de nós e de tudo o que fazemos.

Georeferencing Systems Development

Our team has an excellent know-how in the conceiving and implementation of geographically based businesses solutions (mobile, web and cloud). Tools such as Location Intelligence, when combined with our experience, create the possibility of integrating different visions as well as business and markets models, within the geographical panorama.

Therefore, Right Co is able to respond to different needs of each sector: commercial, operations, logistics, risk, business intelligence, etc., within this vital element for the development of a company.



In order to implement business strategies and support decision-making processes, it’s necessary to analyze the correlation of internal and external information of companies, within geo-analytic models. Only then do we come to the right solutions.


Location Based Services/Usage Based Services

Location based services allows our clients to obtain information about their proximity to companies and the provision of services to their users, based on their location and spatial behavior.


Registration and Management of Infrastructures and Assets

This stage allows the solutions development, through web and cloud tools, for the management of infrastructures and assets.


Risk and Compliance

This is a specific business solution for the insurance and financial sector, which allows the design of new products, assess the risk of underwriting, perform portfolio analysis and detect fraud.


Real Estate

This solution integrates all the factors that influence the real estate evaluation: other real estate in the market and relevant data that allow to categorize and structure the territorial surroundings.


Common Operational Picture

Common Operational Picture is a decision-making improvement tool due to its informative functionality – allows to aggregate all the essential information in real time, on a single platform.


Last Mile/LTL – Less then Truckload Shipping/Routing & Scheduling/Parcel Service

This stage is composed by several systems that allow to structure distribution channels, build multi-hub networks and mathematical optimization of the entire business model: What-If, delivery and/or mixed collection routes.


Sales Force Optimization

Sales Force Optimization is a solution that enables to plan and optimize commercial operations, design and calibrate sales territories, plan visits cycles, etc., as well as monitor real-time operations with mobility tools, considering multiple business constraints.


Incidents Management

Incidents Management enables improved communication with external entities through a fluid internal model. It aims to accelerate the process of problem solving and solution creation.


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