FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is Right Co?
Right Co is an innovative brand that operates within the future of technology.
Our goal is to help our customers to improve their products in the most cost-effective and dynamic possible way.


Is the treatment of my project carried out by professionals with academic degrees?
At Right Co we work with young people who are trained and have different life experiences, so we can guarantee that we do everything to ensure that your project is carried out with the best and most suitable strategy possible.


Can I refuse what Right Co did for my project and ask me to redo it?
Before proceeding with projects, Right Co team speaks with the client to discuss what they pretend. If, for any reason, the client does not like the idea developed, we are keen to see what the client would like to change and seek the best possible solution.


Does Right Co only work with young people?
At Right Co we value the training of portuguese people and, being a company that deals with technologies, we look for people who are constantly connected and updated. However, if an older candidate has these characteristics will certainly not be discriminated against.


How does Right Co make an idea come true?
We can make and idea into a reality through a detailed analysis of the current stage of your company, combined with our knowledge of the digital market, Right Co can gather all the information necessary to plan the best and most suitable strategy for your company.
Right Co is a company that is constantly updated, always developing capabilities and innovating our tools according to trends and market demands, what makes us capable of launching a product/service with the best possible conditions.


Is Right Co a creative company?
We are a bold young team capable of changing the world. Project by project we prove our strength and creativity. Here we handle technology as a pair and without fear.


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