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A Right Co é uma empresa que atua no ramo da tecnologia. A qualidade, inovação, criatividade e irreverência fazem parte de nós e de tudo o que fazemos.

Strategic Consulting
We make your idea a reality

From a detailed analysis of the current stage of your company, combined with our knowledge of the digital market, Right Co can gather all the information necessary to plan the best and most suitable strategy for your company.

We are always updating our capabilities and innovating our tools according to trends and market demands. With our creativity and dynamism, this characteristic allows us to provide you a planned and innovative impulse, capable of launching your project.

Business Planning
To ensure that Business Plans and Feasibility Studies focus on all aspects of your project, regarding to finance, implementation and management of the project, we apply an effective and innovative multidimensional planning and analysis of your company.
  • Detailed Benchmarking Studies
  • Tender Dossier
  • Financing Files
  • Applications for Investment
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Growth and Future Projects Plan
  • Strategic Operational Management Plan
  • Business Legal and Tax Consulting

Marketing Planning
Our approach is to work is meant to be as transparent as possible. We ensure our clients the possibility to follow the schedule of projects in real time.
  • Advertising campaigns and original graphic design creation , adapted to each market and customer
  • Delivery of all material created in source format
  • We create the contents that are necessary for the client, online and offline
  • Possibility of campaign control

Marketing Research
In order to develop the best project strategy, we use our Market Research Studies, which let us to become familiar with information about patterns and trends.
  • Target client analysis and study
  • Target market analysis and study
  • Main trends and characteristics of the market analysis and study
  • Consumer behavior and its sensitivity to the proposed prices analysis
  • Geographical location study

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